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    1. For though in his Nature there is a Tendency to Rational Pleasures, yet this he may, and very frequently does, stifle and extinguish by addicting himself wholly to the Delights and Gratifications of his Sense
    2. Astronauts frequently recount their agravic experiences.
    3. The Computer Fraud and Abuse Act, frequently amended, remains an important weapon in the federal government's antihacker arsenal.
    4. And then again, when we put what appears to be unorganised matter under the microscope, we frequently find it to consist of decayed organic or cellulated matter.
    5. [ …] That all Ulcers which are ſtubborn or, as they are termed, rebellious, come under the Name of Cacoethic, a Word frequently met with in chyrurgic Treatiſes [ …]
    6. He is a deplorable boy, frequently being beaten by his parents. ‎
    7. Frequently, doeskins had a higher value in trade than the skins of bucks, as they were considered of finer quality.
    8. Oil and other expendable resources are frequently the subject of military disputes.
    9. The friendless girl cries frequently.
  • Beispiele more frequently
    1. He started calling more and more frequently.
    2. Note to self: Back up files more frequently.
    3. Statistics show that political candidates that greatly outspend their opponents win more frequently.
  • Beispiele most frequently
    1. Wild birds tend to ant and sunbathe most frequently during periods of high humidity, particularly right after heavy or prolonged rainfall in summer.
    2. The most frequently used name for the Islamic god is Allah.
    3. I neologize most frequently in my writing when it comes to adverbs.
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